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 Checking the size of your finger:


There are several types of how to measure the size of the ring and wedding rings.


The first and most common method of measuring the size of the ring is to go to the jewelry shop and ask jeweller to mesure the size of your finger with the metal set of sizing rings, which is shown on the picture above. Remember that the ring must easily be put on the finger. Fingers are tend to swell from time to time and if you choose the ring too tight, anotherday you may have problem to put in on or even with taking it off. Ask the jeweller to give you the exact internal diameter of the metal ring from the ring set, that fits your finger perfectly. If you already have well fitting ring at home take it with you and ask the jeweller to measure it's internal diameter as well. 

There are three different measures with the different symbols: european EU, british GB and american US. The Sentiell's rings are always measured according to european measure, using special ring mandrel, on which one's put the rings.

Verify the diameter of your finger with our size table to be sure you choose the right ring size. Click here to see the chart

IMPORTANT! If you want to be sure that the ring purchased with sentiell e-shop will fits you perfectly, always verify the diameter of your finger with the size table, available at Sentiell's website. I We suggest not to take into account the information about the size of your ring given by other shop's customer service of jeweller who measured your ring size on the ring mandrel, because the mandrels always slightly differ from eachother, which is why the outcome can be incompatible with our size table. Remember, that the size tables of each jewelry shop can vary from one another, due to using differen meaurement tools, as well as due to the way of defining the size.




If you want to make sure about the size of your finger without leaving home, simply take your favourite ring and check the diametrer of it using caliper or a school ruler. With this method you have to have your ring in a perfect round shape, otherwise the outcome an be erroneus. If this situation doesn't applies and you have perfect round-shaped ring, compare the oucome with our size table looking for the diameter columns with outcomes given in milimeters, then seach for appropriate ring size in european measurment column, defined by EU symbol. In case when your diameter outcome falls between the values assigned to different sizes, choose the closest bigger size. Please remember, that the rings with different sizes may sometimes vary from each other only with one milimeter, due to the fact that the sizes are described by the number ranges, which adjacent to each other on mandrel.




mierzenie rozmiaru pierścionka nitką

If you do not have the right ring, to take the measurment, you may also use the thread (make sure it is unstretchable). Wrap the widest part of your finger with the thread or a thin strap, i.ex. it can be a middle knuckle of your finger. Now, cut off the thread in place, where the end of the thread meets the rest of it, and measure the lenght of it by placing straightly the thread on a table. To measure it use the school ruler. After, change your outcome for milimeters, and divide the new outcome with 3,14. This way you will receive the diameter of your finger, which you may compare with our size table. Click the link below.

Check your diameter in our size table. 

Remember to look on EU measurement and the column with the diameters given in millimeters.



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