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How to buy jewellery?


Guide on how to make the best choice when buying jewellery:


Silver jewellery, gold jewellery, as well as fine jewellery with diamonds is a serious expense. We decided to help you some way to facilitate the process of purchase and enjoy the jewellery for very long time. 

Nowadays the jewellery made of silver such as earrings, rings and bracelets, became a must have as a complementary part of a casual look. Our jewellery is famous for their quality and fashionable style.


 What to remember while choosing jewellery?

 Let's put aside all aspects of fashion and selection of accessories to create the perfect look and let's focus on things that are important before making a purchase:


  • Needs - First of all, you should think of what kind of jewellery you usually wear? Does desired ring or bracelet will be worn every day, or only for special occasions? Are you able to be extremely careful while wearing delicate jewellery, and avoid exposing it to breakage or damage.
  • Weight and durability of jewellery - While choosing silver rings is good to remember to check the weight of the product and its thickness. The ring which weighs less than 1,5 g will be very malleable, which means that under external forces may easily bend or break. Deformation of the ring is usually the main cause of loss stones and zircons, whereas the deformation itself, disqualify the product to exercise the right to complaint. If you cannot judge the durability of the ring, seeing only the photo and knowing the weight of the ring, you may ask our customer service consultant, to help you make a decision.
  • Size - the latest trends in accessories market are moving into the direction of minimalism. Nowadays, the most wanted is easy to wear, delicate jewellery, which emphasizes the new jewellery choices even more. You may find this kind of jewellery in our collections: Puro Amore, Infinity Collection or Delicate Beauty. It is good to know that such jewellery, especially thin chains, often not thicker than 1 mm of diameter, can be easily broken. Therefore, choosing delicate necklaces, you should be aware of to be very careful while wearing it. Equally important is to decide, whether the necklace will be taken off before going to sleep, or we will wear it all the time, regardless of the character of our work or physical activity, that we practice. Those, who are willing to wear their jewellery 24 hours a day should pick necklaces, bracelets and chains made of elements or such as ankier, box, figaro, snake or etrusco.
  • Comfort of use - Beside all technical aspects it is essential to feel comfortable while wearing our jewellery. It applies not only to rings and necklaces, but also bracelets and earrings. On this purpose we prepared an essential information about earrings clasp types, that clearly shows all kinds of clasps, available in our shop. We realize that every women has different taste but the comfort during puting on, wearing and taking off the jewellery is equally important as its appearance and price.
  • Price - As we already mentioned above, in many cases buying jewellery is quite a big expense. That is why we want our consumer to have the awareness of the value of chosen jewellery. We should remember that two very simmilar models of jewellery may have completely different price. The impact on it have:

a) Mass - that determines their durability. 

b) Technology of manufacturing - there are various types of stone settings. The cheapest one is gluing, but also the less resistant when contact with water or other liquides and chemicals. On the other hand the most expensive is microsetting. 

c) Coating - very important role have the coating of jewellery. There is several types of plating: palladium plating, rhodium plating, gilding, anodizing, oxidation and silvering. The information of used coating can be found on product page, in our online shop. We should remember that main precious metal of which most of the products in our store is made, is sterling silver 925. Purchasing one of our products is tantamount to acceptation of warranty conditions, that are also specified on product page and in our T&C.

d) Quality of finish - it is wort to pay attention to well-polished or sandblasted coating as well as precise cast of each element of the jewellery. Not every manufacturer attaches great importance to those aspects, although they are very essential for estimation of the product value.

e) Other technical parameters, which the consumer cannot asses at wirst glance, but have the impact on the added value of manufactured jewellery. 


  • Packing and delivery - while choosing the jewellery online it is good to take into account that each of the factor mentioned above contribute to the price of the product, but also all those priceless things, like ellegant jewellery boxes, free shipping of you jewellery, professional service, variety of payment methods and shipping. What is more, the right to rescind the contract and 12 month warranty to all products. These are the things, which you are offered completelly free of charge, while purchasing jewellery from Sentiell.

    a) Stylish jewellery boxes in which our jewellery is packed.

    b) Free shipping - We take care of good of our clients. The jewellery send by Sentiell is always insured up to its value.

    c) We make every effort to ensure that our customer service was reliable and professional.  The procurements are being completed and sendt within 24 hours.

    d) For your comfort, we provide you with many payment methods.



What is good to know about jewellery? – the list of dos and don'ts.



  • 8lati chine type is very breakable. Sleeping in such jewellery is not recommented. If you don't want to take of your chain before sleep, we advice to choose snake chain or other, more durable chain. 


  • Earrings and pendants with gluted rihnestones, shouldn't be exposed to contact with water, perfumes or other liquid chemicals. 



  • To clean the jewellery you should use only special cleaners, designated only to this purpose. Home remedies for cleaning may cause the loss of right to excercise the warranty for the product. 


  • Products extremally delicate and very lightweight jewellery should be used with particular precaution, because in case of their breakage or bend they may not be regarded as the hidden deffect, but as a damage resulting from improper use. In this case the complaint for the product can be rejected.


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